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Christina loves to help individuals become more fully and authentically themselves.  She achieves this by offering a thoughtful, empathic, genuine presence to her clients.  She holds space for them to heal and grow at a pace that works for them.


Christina is highly sensitive to people’s diverse cultures, ways of life and ethnic backgrounds.  She was raised in Morocco and Spain and intimately understands the world of ‘third culture’.  She is passionate about supporting individuals in exploring their cultural identities and is particularly attuned to transplants who may be experiencing culture shock.


Christina aims to give people a sense of belonging by feeling known and seen.  She is a detective of all the facets of the self.  She makes space for clients to put whatever they need out there in order to heal the parts of the self that weren’t seen, nurtured or held enough early on.


Christina enjoys working with her clients who need support around depression or feeling stuck, grief & loss, identity formation, spirituality, life transitions, academic / career concerns, parenting and co-parenting, pregnancy and post-partum care for all partners.  She has over 10 years of experience in special education and can work with parents who have children experiencing behavioral issues, developmental disabilities or the effects of trauma.


Christina earned her Bachelor of arts in Spanish from Salem State University, and her Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University. She received clinical training at Vanguard University Counseling Center, Olive Crest Academy of Orange County, and Fuller Psychological and Family Services in Pasadena.


LICENSED MFT (#104840)

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