You’re looking for someone who gets it.  You don’t want another therapist who simply nods and says “mmm hmm”.  You want someone who understands you, who can really get in there and help you transform into the woman you have always wanted to be.


The therapists at Sanctuary for Women can support you to find your most authentic self.  We help you feel safe, while we challenge you to grow.   We hold you accountable to yourself, and give you a clear mirror so that you can expand into power and grace beyond your wildest imagination.

With combined decades of clinical experience, the female therapists at Sanctuary for Women take a holistic approach to psychotherapy.  We draw from depth psychology, the perspective that the stories in your unconscious mind create your outer life.  We crawl into the matrix with you and help you rewire toward better relationships, more self love, boundless creativity, satisfying success and a thriving connection to humanity, the world and beyond.



We offer holistic therapy for individuals and couples in a safe and caring environment. If you are curious about therapy, give us a call. We are here, and can answer any questions you have.


Our therapists support women in exploring:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • relationships

  • money

  • sex

  • sexuality & gender

Sanctuary for Women welcomes anyone who identifies with the feminine.  We are LGBTQI affirmative.


Our licensed clinicians are also available to meet with fellow therapists for case consultation and/or business coaching.

While we do not accept insurance, we are happy to provide a monthly bill to submit to your insurance for out of network benefits / potential reimbursement.

  • trauma

  • grief

  • self esteem

  • illness

  • life transitions

  • creativity

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Tel: 323-545-6263

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